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5 Weird NFT Ideas & Examples to Get Inspired

NFTs have the potential to disrupt many industries, including real estate and sports betting. This article will highlight some of the weirdest NFT ideas that you should get inspired by. Crypto-Puppies You can buy “Crypto-Puppies” on the Ethereum blockchain for 0.00 ether each (about $0.03). These pups have unique names and personalities, and they even […]

What is rarity, and when does it make sense to mint an NFT?

There are NFT collections that get released and you can do what’s called “minting”. Minting means buying the NFT directly from the creator on their website, not on the secondary market like OpenSea. You can mint these specific NFTs and, there’s different variations making some rarer than others. Within a specific NFT collection, there’s a […]